Yoga to connect to intuition and purpose

Step 1: Set the mood with essential oils.

Frankincense is the go-to oil for connecting to our spiritual side. Pop a few drops of frankincense in an oil diffuser to enhance your practice or dilute with a carrier oil before applying a drop directly on the skin at the third eye centre, just between the eyebrows.

Step 2: Take your focus inward, with crystal support.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and breathe in and out through your nose, simply noticing your breath to begin with, then starting to breathe deeper all the way down to your tummy. For connection and intuition, amethyst can aid your meditation by holding in cupped, open hands and then visualising the same purple of the amethyst at the crown of your head, imagining that you are allowing any spiritual easily flowing to you through the crown and creating a deep sense of trust in your inner knowing.

Step 3: Three yoga poses to ground and guide.

Finding your path, understanding who you are and breaking free of societal expectation to be guided through faith and intuition is amazing, but also can be rough. These yin poses balance connecting to intuition and guidance with calming and grounding.

Toe squat with hands at third eye.

Tuck your toes under and sit back on your heels, you may need to adjust your little toes by gently moving them out to the sides. Sit your weight back if you can, keeping spine long. Bring your hands to together into prayer and place your thumbs at the third eye centre, just between the eyebrows.

Child’s pose

Bring knees together or hip distance apart. Sit back towards your heels, and fold forward with your head on the floor, arms can wrap behind you for a really gentle child’s pose. Draw your attention to the point between your brows, the third-eye space, where your forehead is in contact with the mat, blanket or block.

Waterfall (Legs up the wall pose)

Using either a wall to support your legs, or a yoga block, bolster, cushion or rolled up blanket to create a support for the base of your lower back.



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Michelle Maslin-Taylor

Michelle Maslin-Taylor

Reiki-infused yoga and intuitive coaching for deep emotional healing. Find me at