Holistically support your root chakra to feel safe, secure and grounded.

Get to know your root chakra

This chakra houses energy focused on our sense of security and belonging. It is the first chakra developed, in utero up to 12 months and as such is associated with our core needs. Just like a tiny baby, it is focussed on our need for our basic needs to be met.

If our root chakra is balanced, we can expect to feel safe, secure and grounded with a good relationship to money and financial security. We TRUST that we are safe and supported.

When the chakra is out of balance, maybe through something that happened at the age that chakra was developing (such as an insecure attachment to a primary caregiver), or a trauma relating to the areas governed by the chakra then we may start to see the energetic imbalances manifesting in our emotions, behaviour and even physical bodies.

An imbalance in the root chakra might look like some of these, if you can relate to them they may be clues that your root chakra could need some TLC.


Problems with hips, legs, knees, calves, ankles, and feet (physically, everything below the root chakra is associated with it).

Feeling fearful & anxious, Money mindset issues.


Food, Shopping and gambling, tending to over-compensate for any security that was lacking.

How can you support the root chakra?


Healing crystals


Affirmation for the root chakra

Notice how this statement makes you feel and don’t be afraid to get curious about anything that comes up for you, journaling is a great way of exploring this.



Reiki-infused yoga and intuitive coaching for deep emotional healing. Find me at www.michellemaslintaylor.com

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